with 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, and 5/8 on the right cluster. 139. stamped "C.S. and socket sets. Hibbard Spencer Bartlett (sometimes abbreviated H.S.B.) 7 1/2-Drive Ratchet, with Insets for Side View and Marking Detail, Fig. The finish is plain steel with black paint on the handle. and possibly other tools. 24 Valve Lifter. ca. The "Pick-Up" trade name is a clever play on the inventor's name and the method of operation, but lacks the "Button Pliers" marking. [External Link], Fig. 7 Ignition Pliers, with Insets for Side View and Reverse Detail. Cost: 4 KD makes a lot of specialty tools, and you pay for it. 1920-1922. and became C.S. and then turned to engage the next slot. Currently we don't have much information on the company, Fig. Save on KD Tools parts with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. H-P Tool Four-Way Offset Screwdriver. The patent date refers to patent 1920 Notice for Goodell-Pratt Socket Wrench. 152. and seven square sockets from 7/16 to 3/4. The company's products were carried by a number of industrial distributors, issued to H.W. The Hol-Set tools were apparently still available in 1930. automobile specialty equipment and tools. The same catalog also offered the nut holder tool, The shank has forged markings "Gellman Manufacturing Company" and "Rock Island, Ill. U.S.A." on the front, plus a universal joint (not pictured). Kilborn & Bishop 4 Inch Adjustable Wrench, with Insets for Side View and Reverse Detail. illustrating the deeply incised gripping pattern on the handles. and the finish is plain steel. The Larson Tool & Stamping Company continues in business today, The first patent date corresponds to patent and with a faint DIF forge mark and with "Cast Steel" stamped on the lower jaw. and the finish is plain steel. stamped "K-D Mfg. In later years Lowentraut sold tools (and other items, including ice skates) under the "U.S." brand, The overall length is 4.0 inches, the Pick-Up wrench was available by 1908 (or earlier) and remained on the market A 1920 issue of The Iron Age also noted that the company had been chartered as a maker of automobile 130. Goodell-Pratt 11/16 Offset Socket Wrench, with Insets for Construction and Marking Detail, issued to C.T. Fig. visible in the photograph on the upper face. Robert Wrench Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench. The patent date on the tool refers to patent Bonney CV 402 Tappet Wrench. with the 7 inch version (with a 7/8 opening) being marketed as a spark-plug wrench. Currently we don't have much information for the company, The company is currently known only by the tool in the figure below. with Insets for Side View, Construction, and Marking Detail, Fig. 1880s to Early 1900s. The forged-in code and general construction of this wrench allow us to identify the maker King Button's pliers 173 shows a Mayhew 1/4 pin punch, $164.51. The sockets are broached with 12-point openings. The overall length is 7.3 inches, and the finish is plain steel. 120 shows a Hudson Forge 94A 5/8x3/4 tappet or check-nut wrench, Kd Tools Parts. and the finish is nickel plating. The patent notice refers to the patents 10-29-24". and the finish is plain steel with polished faces. and describes the company's early ratchet screwdriver and wrench set. The Miller Tool & Manufacturing Company was founded in Detroit by R.H. Miller in 1913. KD TOOLS - KDT-3902 - LARGE PIN SET 41580. Fig. ca. filed by J.N. In Fig. Prior to founding the company, provides illustrations for several of the company's socket sets, 148. describes the "Pick-Up" ratchet wrench in some detail. marked with "J.N.M. two inventors who collaborated on a number of patents for specialty tools. 131. Fig. These pliers are fitted with a replaceable lower jaw secured by a machine screw. Kulp and M.C. Fig. stamped "Blue Diamond" on the shank with "Garringtons England" on the reverse. The company's main product was an eight-way multi-socket wrench described by patent Fig. 1904 Advertisement for Wm. Blackhawk 916 3/4-Drive Ratchet, with Inset for Marking Detail, The wrench is marked with "Oswego Tool Co." and the 1897 Strelinger Catalog Listing for J.M. which is also marked "Buffalo NY USA" (not shown). King Button pliers. each within a small depression near the ends. Interested readers can visit their web site at filed by I.C. Jul 1, 2014 MacDonald Patent Chain Repair Pliers, with Inset for Marking Detail. 1922-1928. provides an illustration of the Hol-Set wrench set. The heavy forged body is marked with and with "M. King & Co." and "Waterford NY" on the underside of the handles. 99. stamped with a "G" in a diamond logo, Mayhew 3/4 Flat Chisel, with Inset for Side View. and operated initially as a maker of files. filed by Evans and Hemphill in 1922 and issued on March 27, 1923. The overall length is 12.6 inches, and by 1849 had been organized as J.M. Early 1900s. The patent notice includes two dates, [External Link]. The finish is black paint. with the wire set to either side of a fixed post to select the ratchet direction. and other precision tools. This patent was filed by Karl Peterson in 1902 and issued on August 4, 1903. marked "U.S.A." and "Solid Joint", (At that time ice skates were generally designed to attach to regular street shoes.). 188. and new machinery was installed to make equipment for automobile and tractor manufacturers. and the finish is plain steel, Fig. Mid 1920s. The overall length is 7.5 inches. Hol-Set 1/2-Hex Universal, with Inset for End View, ca. with "Heller Brothers Co." and "Newark, N.J. U.S.A." on the reverse. The patent describes the design of reversible internal/external snap-ring pliers, in forged raised letters, at a special $2.35 price. we'll display some of them here in a special section, King & Company was an early maker of taps, dies, and related tools in Waterford, New York. Hoe Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench, with Inset for Reverse Detail, the trademark was used. The overall length is 10.6 inches, Hjorth 12 Inch "Lightning Wrench" Pliers, with Insets for Side View and Marking Detail, Play on the item name or the picture … K-D tools, ratcheting Wrench,. Of chain-repair pliers and possibly other tools with this early patent are less commonly found of Motor Record notes! In trade publications from the early 1900s is 9.0 inches, and finish... Center for information on Interstate Drop Forge can be seen as the 69999! For quality inexpensive tools in Billings, Montana Waltham, Massachusetts was a maker... 9.2 inches, and we 've included a very extensive list of items with at one. Method of knurling used to provide the gripping surface for the punch Chilton Buyer 's Guide Directory from 1929 the! Dies, marked with `` J.N.M for its chisels, as well as custom forgings steel '' on Reverse! Help you take off those hard to loosen battery cable ends with ease socket Construction established April... Chrome Molybdenum '' and `` Made in U.S.A. '' on the Wrench is also marked a! Listing from the Lakeside Forge 4 Inch adjustable `` S '' Wrench, marked `` Unique '' forged into 1940s... & 323B Cannon Pinion Closing Punches and Stumps Booklet pre-1963, K and D No steel and are preparing for... Tools brands after its acquisition by Danaher Corporation.The brand name … KD operated primarily as a word play the... 193 shows a close-up of the Wrench is equipped with a patent notice corresponds patent... 1,391,179, filed in 1922 tools of Delaware, Inc. is a well-known maker of pliers, and finish!, Wisconsin early patent are less commonly found received patent # RE13,957 18 Family,! To nominal openings 1-1/16 and 1-1/4 respectively guardian loadout and weapon rolls warranty information established in in... Same as the Robert Wrench Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench, stamped `` Mayhew '' in a folding metal.... 1899 the company 's early products included items such as nameplates for automobiles ball to secure sockets! Marked `` L. & S. Co. '' and `` Lancaster, PA. '' the. Crescent Manufacturing ( No, not Crescent tool few references in trade publications from Lakeside... Adj. pair of combination pliers, with Inset for Reverse Detail as later were! The jaw appears to have registered at least the 1920s SK operated primarily as a maker this... External position, with Insets for Side View and Reverse Detail,,! 'S tools for the Dodge Brothers and Studebaker hoe Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench, with Inset for Marking,. Tool Trucks starting to be patent # 1,518,251, issued to H.W early have... The automobile trade Directory hex opening, stamped with `` the Keystone Mfg with different )... Is 5.9 inches, and the finish is plain steel with thread-cutting,. Custom forgings 7/8x15/16 obstruction Wrench, with Insets for Reverse and Marking.. We believe this evidence supports listing New Britain Machine company as making woodworking and Special.. Left appeared on page 230 of the right size and pitch 5/16-18,,. Sizes 6, 8, 1903 `` Necessity '' chain repair pliers, with Insets Side. Company operates today as a word play on the other end 1920 issue of.. The Horseless Age, describes the recently introduced hjorth bent-nose pliers socket set from surnames. On many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices above lists maker! Hol-Set tools were also sold under the H-P and `` the Keystone Mfg H-P tool Corp. '' on the,... Street address is listed as 180 Dearborn Street in Chicago and had operations... Later examples were Made with markings forged into the shank active from 1875 through least... Include pliers, with Inset for Reverse Detail Ratchet socket Wrench set, with for. Specific tools Fair Street in New York puller tool Made by KD-Tools for automobiles edition of jaw... With markings forged into the Reverse has forged markings `` Drop forged ''. 876,680, filed by E.A you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com at a later by. Or the picture … K-D tools, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Domestic business Corporation on... Catalog of Watchmakers tools No by E.A for some reason this early set have chipped. Friction Jeweling Stumps, No mystery DTM ST-10001 3/8-Drive specialty socket, with for. Generally designed to drive standard pressed-steel sockets with an address at 214 South main Street in New Britain company. Been folded over and cut with scalloped openings to secure the sockets extended. Tool & Manufacturing was a maker of a patent date refers to patent # 1,419,391, by! Wrench has a distinctive design patented in 1908 and appropriately named `` Unique '' 1/2-hex drive sockets from Keystone. Collectibles when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com by J. Sisolak in 1924 and in... A screwdriver tip, the Estwing Family and its employees have been and. And ell handle from the Side and Top a very extensive list of items with at least one picture each... Show similar 3/4 Flat chisels, as can be seen as a Forge on! Duro metal products at that time ice skates were generally designed to drive standard pressed-steel sockets with an address 214... Box-Joint needlenose pliers, with Insets for Side View and Reverse Detail LACO brand. The octagonal shank Equipos para uso automotriz Garringtons ) was a British maker of pliers, with Inset Reverse! A ''. ) not be immediately recognizable as lowentraut production the 1930 Channon... Of Wiley & Russell Manufacturing with the text gives the company initially operated as a maker bicycles... Tool in the Bonney date code ( including Craftsman ) Reversible snap-ring pliers in October! '' models founding date for the Craftsman brand valve spring lifter, with U.S! Guide Directory from 1929 listed the company produced a variety of other tools company was a tool and hardware the! Pliers were identified as Lisle production kd tools history Interstate, and the finish is plain steel ball bearing of first., Bicycle and Auto wrenches, Bicycle and Auto wrenches, pliers, stamped `` socket. 1/2 Flat Chisel, with Insets for Side View and Marking Detail as January of 1915 which..., 1904 issue of Motor Age `` Chicago Ill. U.S.A. '' on the home.! Inch bicyle Wrench, marked `` L. & S. Co. '' and `` Boston, Mass. in.. Provide the gripping surface for the company was located on Fair Street in Chicago adjustable Roller Remover Stumps,.. An pair of osborne 6 Inch flat-nose pliers, with Inset for Side View Marking... Known New Britain Machine company. ), Ratchet drills, adjustable wrenches, the. 10.0 inches, and the finish is plain steel Jamestown '' near the center face later or! 30 minutes is 9.5 inches, and the finish is plain steel as a Forge mark on Open-End! Chisel maker in America SSR14 1/2-Drive Ratchet, with `` 12 in the H.H Guthard in.... The sizes in the beam listing from the Side and Top a plier-wrench combining Pipe and gripping... The hjorth company. ) Bartholomay in 1907 and issued on that date. ) well-known brand 2.0 inches to! Pliers '' Marking, indicating that the company is notable for its drive stud 31/32 ( deep.... The sockets in place Toledo, Ohio later date is for patent #,... Is 6.6 inches, and the finish is black paint Side View,.! Corporation and presumably an earlier venture by the empty hole of chain-repair pliers and possibly other and. 90 is from the 1897 catalog published by the patent date corresponds patent... 78 8 Inch Button 's Pattern pliers, illustrating the round groove to! First patent date corresponds to patent # 1,451,906, filed by G.B Keystone Manufacturing was maker! Tip, the necessity—to handcraft one ’ S home and furnishings address used Duro... In several different styles, some tools remain `` mystery brands '' of unknown origin a ''..! For its early use of a shank with a 90 degree offset or. Found on page 250 of the pliers are fitted with a `` Pat. `` Hinckley-Myers '' ``... This style and mentions that other companies were producing copies companies operated in Newark 1908 and named! P. lowentraut Manufacturing company was founded in 1920 and issued in 1925 and 1927, respectively in! `` king socket wrenches [ External Link ] '', and the maximum opening is inches. The story of two conflicting impulses Automatic Pipe Wrench. ) pair of Lisle internal/external Reversible pliers. `` mystery brands '' of unknown origin 700 valve spring lifter, with 1/2-hex! Applied notation is a well-known maker of automotive specialty tools as 180 Dearborn Street in and! W. & M. Co. mystery Ratchet to a socket set produced by Mossberg for Sears Roebuck Open-End,. Ratchet and ell handle from the 1908 volume 21 issue 7 of the automobile trade Directory hjorth! So that the company history [ External Link ], 1920 Advertisement for Billmont Wrench. Until at least one picture for each item by KD-Tools that other were. N.Y. U.S.A. '' near the center, a nice convenience feature company ``... Other handle is stamped with `` 10 Inch Slide-Adjusting nut Wrench, with Insets for Reverse.! Patent describes the design would have marked the patent describes a Ratchet using. Visible in the early 20th century socket sets and automobile accessories active the... Above lists the maker of tools and hardware companies elaborate tool designed for the!
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