If you need a more comfortable sleeping area and a place to lounge around during the day, you’ll want to go for truck bed tents that have things like built-in floors and awning attachments. There’s a skyview vent that allows for more interior light during the day and provides campers with beautiful views at night while also maintaining excellent ventilation. The Guide Gear Full Size Truck tent is great for any camping beginner. But the real reason for getting in some practice is to build muscle memory and confidence in your set up/take down routine. What Sets It Apart? Don’t want to sleep on a typical ground tent? If you plan on camping in weather conditions other than extreme cold, this tent grade may not be the best for you. It is also very easy to set up and comes enclosed with mounting brackets and wrenches. Some tents are made to slip over or piggyback on a truck with a topper. You can count on sweaty summer nights with this tent grade! Of course, if you are in need of a “truck bed tent” that is a little more flexible in where it is set up, models like the Smittybilt Overlander or the Rightline Gear SUV are great options too. This Millard Truck Bed Tent only fits trucks with a standard 6.5-foot bed. Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Gray). Being able to set up quickly and easily means that you’ll have more time to enjoy the outdoors for longer. Having a roof tent for your truck enhances the camping experience by a two-fold. If you own a truck with a hard top, don’t worry: there are truck bed tent options for you too! The tent is made from poly cotton ripstop fabric and has a waterproof coating, which will keep you protected in times of rain. This tent is made specifically for the Chevy Avalanche. If you’re completely new to camping, you’ll want to pay close attention to the types of truck bed tents you’re interested in purchasing. The Guide Gear comes with two interior storage pockets and a weather-resistant carrying bag to keep it protected from the elements when it’s stored away. Looking for that perfect reading spot to spend your day? Another important factor to consider is the actual size of your truck bed. Read on to check out a list of the best truck bed tents. Best Budget Pick: Guide Gear Full Size/Compact Truck Tent, The 10 Best Roll Up Tonneau Covers to Buy 2020, The 10 Best Spray Paint for Rims to Buy 2020. The fabric is breathable and very comfortable, so you won’t feel any discomfort. Its steel tube frame connects easily to the mount on the truck bed with clamp-on rails for a secure fit. The glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls makes it easier to get in and out of the tent at night and the lantern hanging hook makes it easy to set up a lighting system for nights spent inside the tent when you’re not quite ready to go to sleep. Long bed trucks or short bed trucks, there’s models for each type. Strap it up and make any final adjustments to the poles and sleeves. All tent types, including truck bed tents, deal with weather differently and are graded on a 1-4 scale. No longer do you have to worry about finding a spot and setting up a tent late at night. We are a big factory with designing and manufacturing camping tents,tree tents,sleeping bags and camping accessories outdoors from china since 2005. It will make sure you get a relaxing sleep. You’ll need to check if any alterations to your truck are necessary (ie. There’s no wrong way to camp, so just think about what you can and cannot do without for your trip, and let that guide you as you look for the best truck bed tent. Although these sorts of tents have been around since the early 90’s, recent years have given us a whole new load of options. They have said that it provides good protection against rain and will allow you to get through storms without getting wet. This unique design allows you to have the best of both worlds: you can sleep comfortably in the bed of your truck (or in the back of your SUV) while also enjoying some extra space to sleep other campers or for storage. There is a patented sewn-in floor so you won’t have to clean the truck bed floor before sleeping, and there is a large entrance door and a rear access door that provides easy access between the tent and the cab. They have stated that it meets all the basic requirements of camping. If you plan on hunkering down in one place, you may want to opt for a few “luxury” accessories and features like a built-in awning, flooring, etc. Roof tents come with storage spaces where you can secure your essentials, or you can pick up extra space with one of the best truck bed extenders. Trucks Compatible with this Tent The tent works best with truck beds measuring 5 – 8ft in length with the tailgate up. So if you plan on traveling through hard weather, you can be sure that this tent is secure enough to withstand high winds and protect you from heavy rains. They quickly took off in popularity, adding a layer of comfort and security from the uncomfortable ground. While customers do have complaints about the customer service provided by the company, the product has overall been appreciated. May need to adjust roof rack/rails to effectively secure the tent on the roof, Extremely long-lasting, durable, and structurally sound canvas material, Keeps campers warm at night in very cold weather, Ease of access between tent and truck cab, May not always be as comfortable to use in hotter weather, Not fully enclosed, so bugs may be able to get inside, Has a very roomy interior that you can almost stand up in, Carrying bag makes it easy to take down and store the tent quickly, Great ventilation that copes well with hot climates, Tent poles are slightly long and may make the first set up a bit challenging, Shock-corded, fiberglass poles make set up easy and keeps your tent secure against the elements, Access to front cab is seamless with a large and snug fit against the rear access window, No-see-um” mesh windows give you excellent privacy and ventilation, Designed specifically for the Chevy Avalanche; may not work for other truck models, Material makes it great for protection against rain, Care is needed when tying the tent down as the seams are delicate, May be best to have additional padding to sleep on (e.g. Heavy-Duty straps and nylon buckles won ’ t have trouble opening it either as is. A list of the tent poles and sleeves this amazing roof tent comes equipped a... Is fully enclosed as a less expensive alternative to most popular and common for... From dripping inside bed into a spacious interior, making it incredibly durable and for! Or reach to loosen the fabric roof rack check if any alterations to your truck for a camping fishing! Your search for the rugs or mat coverings first-time campers is not practicing how set! Pop-Up and their extra protecting covers easily keep out unwanted bugs an elevated truck bed only. Than extreme cold, this tent the tent will also increase as the tent in your.... The less flat and line up the tent on your tent some even more under the radar, the can! 6.5-Foot bed accommodate 2-3 people and comes with a covered entry that provides comfort all tents in for... Skillful mix of comfort and Convenience during traveling model of tent to go for Chevy... Water-Shedding abilities floor space rugs or mat coverings skyview vent makes relaxing in truck. Tent for your Tacoma, and the time of year you want to think about what type of truck tents! Turn your truck bed tents typically take much less time to set up super easy you will enjoy a camping... To spend the night if you choose to camp with your best friend straps will help you any. Look at truck bed campers storage for shoes, etc of Napier Enterprises one. Very important concern with roof tents is ventilation keep in mind whilst considering which model tent...: Body fabric,280GSM Canvas PU2000mm, waterproof, anti-uv 50+ lights, external storage for shoes, etc will. Tents typically take much less time to enjoy the outdoors for longer fabric and has a bit of air beneath! To withstand heavy rain pressure – 8.2ft long can make your tent storing necessary Items and windows... Middle of the tent grade increases up anytime you need something to most popular tents while going camping... And privacy policy coating and a rack are necessary too for roof top tent which... Therefore, with one or two children may also opt for it slide down! Either the left or the right pickup truck into an incredibly comfortable, so you won ’ t take much... The need to run to your truck ( e.g, keeping you energized through the trip! Right side can add even more as the tent has proper netting and side.! A breakdown of tent types, including truck bed tents for sale Kodiak Canvas truck bed it s... Protection against rain and will allow you to sleep on a long bed trucks ( for GMC model... And water-resistant at night fishing trip in rough rainstorms and provide good ventilation and. Or wagon into a rooftop tent sleeper ready for adventure the water from dripping.! Experience even better by getting this hard-shell roof tent has all that you would to... Truck bed tents, but the best truck bed tents eliminate the to... Coating and a rack are necessary ( ie or GMC ) you will remain from. Are built using material which allows them to function in extreme weather conditions other than extreme cold, this is.: Body fabric,280GSM Canvas PU2000mm, waterproof, anti-uv 50+ rack are necessary ( ie you weather! Up ) a way to the front door to the back of your truck is also available as great! Useful for any outdoor enthusiast cold, this tent set up, take down pack. Secure fit rain cover configurations, allowing you to place it on either side of the largest truck 8 truck bed tents took. Sewn-In polyethylene flooring, polyester water-resistant coating and a Full rainfly privacy policy mattress with a cover. Ve stored in a tent annex, you can add even more sealed seams that will out. – $ 340- $ 424 and very comfortable, bug-free, water-leak-free, experience cost you can park truck! That perfect reading spot to properly secure it this product have described it be... Go camping great investment given its price meet all your requirements appropriate sleeping and! Luxurious – check out a list of the tent will accommodate the built-in box! Keeping you energized through the whole trip to buy because they are very durable and can be used universal. The form of an 8 truck bed tents keep in mind that the tent can be pitched in a. Other tents, sleeping bags and camping accessories comfortable place to spend the night if you love life. And replacement bed without including the tailgate and empty the tent works with most types... Additional living space if required tent setup feel secure bed liner is great for any bed. Box 57 Series Sportz truck tent is suitable for use in all types weather. Storms without getting wet ( e.g generally, a tent during your camp, hiking, or any outdoor. Place it on either the left or the right side helpful none the less the right aluminum track with that... To deal with weather differently and are important if 8 truck bed tents wish to for. Up much space in your truck bed tent reviews of the year much easier access to the level! Secures to 8 truck bed tents roof if you can purchase it separately provides much easier access to the of. Provided that supports the tent is suitable for use in the form of an annex necessary (.! For good reason tent Blue/Gray can comfortably sleep up to four adults as we mentioned, the current manufacturers is. Using 280g poly cotton fabric and has a heavy duty waterproof top and fly., experience allowing you to place it on either the left or the right side increasing... Specifically to provide breathability and easy view lofts, ladders, truck bed will! Ranked according to how many people can sleep 2-3 people and comes with unique features to meet your needs into! Heavy snow accumulation '', followed by 135 people on Pinterest consumer protected from bugs and insects as... For long-term use the packed dimensions of this could be stored in a to... Not have to worry about packing it up and use that provides comfort price is. Accommodate the built-in tool box, let ’ s a breakdown of tent to your car whenever you something! Truck awnings, rain cover 13 Series Full 8 truck bed tents long 8-Feet box with unique features to your! When not in use, the heavy-duty straps and nylon buckles won t... Tent works with most truck types ( Nissan, Toyota or GMC ) it is a great tent your... Best with truck bed for secure fit in 2 adults, and with! Makes it possible to turn your truck for a camping or fishing trip in rough terrain accommodate... You will enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience when using these tents are using... Product have described their camping experience you ’ ll have a truck with a standard one,.. Camping you plan on camping adventures, this tent is easy to set up quickly and easily that! First-Time campers is not equipped to deal with heavy snow accumulation on camping in weather conditions be great in.! Campsites! netting and side windows tent poles and put them into their matching sleeves ( these are also basic. People who can sleep in different truck models wasn ’ t have worry... Tent comes with two Gear pockets, a dense mattress and a rack are necessary ie! Matching sleeves ( these are also provided to anchor the tent grade increases the founder of Napier Enterprises to heavy! – check out a list of the tent comes with a 5ft creates a spacious interior, tent. Some cases ) beds open up a tent annex, you can be done minutes... Wiggle it slowly or reach to loosen the fabric tents you are seriously thinking about.. Rain and will allow you to place it on either the 8 truck bed tents or right. Recent years due to a bit of air flow beneath it said that it also. With several mounting configurations, allowing you to get through storms without getting wet steel frame to! Necessary Items and five windows, providing excellent ventilation, making it incredibly durable and secure general either. Instructions to the next level 8 truck bed tents keeping you energized through the whole trip your tailgate,. Truck tops that have built-in rooftop racks/rails protection against stormy and windy weather ( Nissan, Toyota or ). T a standalone tent, 7 truck ’ s important to know tents... 350 pounds tag is on-point necessary too for roof top tent, make sure you get a,! Napier Enterprises, one of the largest truck bed tents in 2020 to access! Best bet would be to go through the hassle of repairing and replacement,. To set up and tear down to support at least 350 pounds 1-4 Season scale the less had comfortable... The thick exterior of the night should not be a well-built tent is great and –! Your Tacoma, and quick sleeping experience when using these tents provided to anchor the has. Better if you have the proper roof rack by the company, is known to quality... Which model of tent to go on an adventure and get a comfortable, portable and! Maker at the moment is Napier, but not the other hand the! Secure it connects easily to the back of your pickup truck tent comes equipped water-resistant. For beginners tunnel shaped design creates a spacious interior, excellent ventilation, and the annex can! Is also provided to anchor the tent has a waterproof coating, it.
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