(noun) The composite face of the gathering fell. an act of mental activity which falls into two or more intellectual efforts closely combined with one another. It is a strange, composite fane! Example Sentences for "composite "-Dragrammatic sketch of composite bacterium to illustrate details of anatomical structure.-Dragrammatic sketch of composite bacterium to illustrate details of anatomical structure. A compound sentence has at least two independent clauses that have related ideas. 204+5 sentence examples: 1. A composite sentenceconsists of two or more clauses which form a structural and … 1.2. It's difficult to see composite in a sentence . A clause is a part of a sentence which has a subject and a predicate. Parataxis and hypotaxis by Сара Круглова 1. The Nasdaq Composite fell 6.30 to 1191.15. A short essay, especially one written as an academic exercise. 3. The clauses are related to one another on different semantic grounds. 31. composite Pattern describes one such way of building a class hierarchy made up of classes for two different kinds of objects (composite and primitive). A simple sentence consists of an independent clause with no dependent clauses. The Nasdaq composite index was down 41. The species attack the flowers and anthers of composite and polygonaceous plants, the leaves, culms, and germen of grasses, &c. A large proportion of the plants, however, may still be found living in Holland and Britain; but there is a singular scarcity of Composites, though this order is fairly … Each predicative unit in a composite sentence makes up a clause. It reflects two or more elementary situational events making up a unity. The composite sentence. Composite sentence. 1. a subordinate sentence: a construction in which one or more … The Nasdaq composite index was off 9. 2. 2. Another word for composite. The composite sentence is a sentence consisting of two or more clauses. Hypotaxis represents unequal relationships between words, phrases or clauses grammatically. 3. The composite sentence, as different from the simple sentence, is formed by two or more predicative lines.Being a polypredicative construction, it expresses a complicated act of thought, i.e. Examples of composite in a sentence: 1. A composite motion demanding the straight forward abolition of the block vote was defeated on a show of hands. The composite sentence is formed by two or more predicative lines (polypredicative construction). Semiconductor, software and computer shares helped boost the Nasdaq Composite. 4. The Nasdaq Composite Index is down 15 percent since June 5. In its structure a clause is similar to a simple sentence, but unlike a simple sentence it forms part of a bigger syntactical unit. What does composition mean? The technology-heavy Nas The Nasdaq Composite Index set its first record since June 5. The independent clauses can be joined by a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) or by a semicolon, as you can see in the compound sentence examples below. The Composite Sentence. HYPOTAXIS (subordination) 1.1. This habit was apparently a composite product. composite definition is - made up of distinct parts or elements : such as. How to use composite in a sentence. Find more ways to say composite, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
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